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You and your customers can access Dealsby through either the Dealsby website or the iOS and Android apps. (click icon above)

Marketing Solution

Cloud & App-based Referral Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Dealsby costs about $7 per day. Dealsby is free for Consumers!

Brand Awareness & Exposure

Share your customer referral campaign hyperlink & QR Codes via Email, SMS and social media in one click using Dealsby!

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About our Company

We’ve built a more viral, efficient, and technology-based way for Consumers to refer others to your Small Business.

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The Features and Benefits of Virely SaaS Marketing Technology

Cloud & App-based Referral Marketing

Dealsby is a new SaaS Cloud and App-based Technology, making it a viral tech-enabled marketing tool, as opposed to the traditional “word of mouth” method of sharing business referrals. Consumers and small businesses will want to connect and engage using Dealsby.

Marketing Automation

Our new marketing automation technology will send email, cloud and in-app customer reminders to submit new referrals, alerts of new customer referral campaign launches by our member small business and of expiring referral campaigns.

Friction-less with No Expertise Required

Dealsby is easy to setup, run and administer. No major investment in time, expertise or financial resources required in order to have a viral customer referral program for your small business. A business website is not even necessary to have a viral customer referral program using Dealsby!

Viral Brand Awareness

By creating a small business referral marketplace for referral dependent industries, Dealsby creates viral brand awareness and exposure opportunities for our small business subscribers. Small Businesses can be found faster and easier by being part of the Dealsby Small Business Referral Network.

Data Security

Our customer’s data privacy is our highest priority. We use the most up-to-date security providers and content delivery network (CDN) to protect our customers data, our network and their privacy. Our systems are password protected and utilize OTP (One Time Password) when using the our iOS and Android mobile apps to ensure the customer is who they say they are.

Featured Small Businesses Program

Your small business has the unique opportunity to generate even more brand awareness and exposure by subscribing to the Dealsby “Featured Small Business” Program. Consumers will see your business first when they open the Dealsby mobile web or app on their devices. This is a Geo-location based service feature. Talk to a Dealsby company representative for more details.

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